Join this 19 Day Challenge Because It's The Consistent Actions That Make Your Dreams Come True!
Take 15 Minutes Each Day For 19 Days To Get Consistent With Your Workouts.

This 19 Day Swing Challenge starts
Monday, November 1st at 6pm.

This Challenge Includes:

1) 19 days of LIVE guidance on a Private FB page.

2)  EXPERT COACHING on how to do the kettlebell swing     (a dumbbell can be used too)

2) Live motivation and Q and A everyday!

3) Each day you'll recieve a guided lesson in your inbox 

4) Weekly Community Challenges

5) Prizes include: 30 day memberships, workout equipment, etc., etc.

-Toned arms
-Stronger abs
-Tighter butt
-Improved posture
-Increased stamina
-Motivation to keep going

 The cost is $19 (price goes up to $25 October 29th)
Normally, my group coaching fee is $20 per hour per person, but you will get 19 days, 15 minutes each day which equals 285 minutes, approximately 5 hours
of coaching from me for only $25.

The money is not the point...the point is you have "skin in the game".  When you pay for something, you usually show up for it. 

When you show up for yourself everyday for 15 minutes...big change happens with the least amount of work. 
You'll love what you see in the mirror and how your clothes fit at the end of the 19 days. 

You'll feel accomplished !  And with the motivation from me and the group, we won't let you down.  You will show up for yourself because we are showing up for each other!

19 Days for $25
One time $19.00
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Get Well Over $100 Of Value Now For Only $19 (price goes to $25 October 29th).

"I’m a former football player with numerous injuries to my name. Over the past year Stef has focused on my areas of weakness that I didn’t even know were factors causing pain. This has helped me significantly in overall strength and functional movements.
Can’t say enough good things about her!"

"Stefanie is a great trainer and coach. She provides personal and individual attention and encouragement. I have lost weight and gained strength, endurance and muscle tone."

"Every class is a challenge but fun! She is a fantastic trainer and is able to focus in on what you're looking to improve. It's only been 3 months and I'm in the best shape of my life!"

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